Do you want to be more than just a small cog in a big machine?

Navaio IT Security is a Haarlem-based IT Security company that was founded in 2017. We stand next to the customer and work with our self-managing core teams. This is how we distinguish ourselves from other IT Security companies. Our 30 colleagues are divided across these teams. They work together on complex assignments to achieve a top result.

By working in core teams, everyone can contribute to the course of the company. For example, do you want to develop yourself in the field of Identity & Access Management, Cyber Resilience or User Awareness? Then you can immediately show your added value in one of these teams. There is always room for you to showcase your current skills, as well as develop yourself further in one of these areas.

Navaio offers a challenging learning environment, which is mainly characterized by the high level of knowledge of its specialists. Training and career planning are of utmost importance within the organization.

We are always looking for new talent

No one was born as an expert, but everyone has talent. Our challenge is to make your talent stand out.

Do you already excel in what you do? Or do you have the drive to become the best? Then you have come to the right place. In many cases, we find drive and mindset more important than your education level.

So do you have a healthy dose of perseverance and are you far from finished with your personal development? Then we would like to meet you. We are always looking for new colleagues.

Contact us in the way that suits you and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Available opportunities

We are always looking for new colleagues.

New talent

What the function is? That depends on your knowledge and ambition. What do you excel at? And where do you want to be in your career in 5 years? Either way you become part of one of the Navaio teams.