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The basis of our services starts with Interest and Deepening in your organization. This is the only way your organization can be properly protected.

Cyber Blue

As an organization, you want the most important assets to be monitored for external and internal attacks. Knowledge of business processes and organizational behavior is essential here. In addition, it is important to be able to relate to the attacker and the different attack methods. Because the attacker never sleeps, neither do we, Navaio makes 24/7 monitoring accessible to all its customers.

Cyber Red

As an organization, you want to make sure that the security measures taken work. To validate this, we regularly carry out penetration tests. We do this on the basis of Black box, Grey box and Crystal box tests. The difference is the amount of information that is provided in advance by the organization. In a Black box test, no information is shared; in a Crystal box test, for example, design documentation and source code can be shared so that more in-depth validation can be done in a shorter period of time.


As an organization, you want to be in control of the lifecycle of the digital identities of your internal employees, external parties, partners and suppliers. In addition, you want them to have the right level of access to systems, applications and data to carry out their work. More access than necessary introduces unnecessary risks to business operations. In addition, a well-functioning inflow, flow and outflow process contributes to the productivity of your organization.

User Awareness

The user of systems, applications and data is an increasingly important part of a successful attack. In most cases without being aware of it. To increase the awareness of internal and external employees, we regularly carry out user awareness campaigns. The aim of this is to achieve a structural change in behavior based on awareness. Here, motivation, current knowledge and culture form an important foundation.


More and more organizations see the need to set up appropriate security measures based on risk management. In addition to the operational risks, the ISO 27001 and the NEN 7510 standards provide clear guidelines on how to comply with information security requirements. Finally, more and more organizations are under the supervision of external regulations or have to comply with external audits annually. We advise organizations on various issues.

Network Security

The network is often where an attack takes place. By monitoring network traffic based on different patterns, an attack can be detected early and defused. The network provides access to systems and data. By regulating access to the network, the risk of this is significantly reduced.

Our Philosophy

Cyber security for organizations of all sizes

Every organization can be impactful these days. We are making increasingly effective use of Artificial Intelligence to detect an attack as early as possible. Attacks can threaten the continuity of an organization and require a rapid Response. Customer knowledge is therefore essential for making the right decisions.

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Within our Tribe, we have a strict no-ceiling policy. Whether you want to advise customers as an experienced solution architect or business consultant, are fresh out of school and want to develop further, or you want to become an entrepreneur in the long run. There are no limits within our Tribe, you decide your path!

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