As an organization, you want to be in control of the lifecycle of the digital identities of your internal employees, external parties, partners and suppliers. In addition, you want them to have the right level of access to systems, applications and data to carry out their work. More access than necessary introduces unnecessary risks to business operations. In addition, a well-functioning inflow, flow and outflow process contributes to the productivity of your organization.
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Identity and Access Management Services

Identity and Access Management

As an organization, you want to be demonstrably in control of the digital identities of users, applications and data. An IAM solution also enables an organization to provide automated access to various assets based on business roles. This mitigates specific security and compliance risks and optimizes the inflow, flow and outflow process.

IAM products: Omada Identity Cloud; HelloID; Microsoft Entra

Privileged Access Management

Organizations are increasingly using third parties that need access to critical systems based on service agreements. Much of this work takes place remotely on the basis of far-reaching rights. Because organizations have no direct control over the life cycle of these identities and the necessary rights require stricter control, PAM is positioned as a solution.

PAM products: Delinea Secret Server; Microsoft Entra

RBAC Assessment

Role-based access control is an important prerequisite for a successful IAM implementation. In order to arrive at an RBAC model, the contours of possible roles and additional rights can be made clear based on analysis of specific user data. In order to be able to carry out this analysis autonomously, we have developed Access Insight.


Our basis consists of providing good and independent advice. What is important here is that we are autonomous, curious and eager to learn about the customer's business processes and are transparent in our communication with the customer.


Improve your security position with our services

The basis of our services starts with Interest and Deepening in your organization. This is the only way your organization can be properly protected.

Cyber Blue

Monitor critical assets against external and internal attacks 24/7 with knowledge of business processes and attack strategies.

Cyber Red

Validate security measures regularly with penetration tests based on Black box, Grey box and Crystal box methodologies.

User Awareness

Raise employee awareness through regular information campaigns, resulting in permanent behavioral change.


Manage your security position based on risks, standards and measures. Advise on regulations and internal and external audits.

Network Security

Monitor network traffic for anomalous patterns, detect and neutralize attacks, and regulate network access to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.