Network Security

The network is often where an attack takes place. By monitoring network traffic based on different patterns, an attack can be detected early and defused. The network provides access to systems and data. By regulating access to the network, the risk of this is significantly reduced.
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Network Security Services


SASE Service is an integration of WAN connectivity with comprehensive security controls based on a global private backbone. Cato Networks provides this based on a service model that enables organizations to enforce the same security measures for each location. In this way, the pubic cloud, saas services, data center, HQ, branches and remote users are quickly and securely connected.

Product: Cato Networks


Based on the specific characteristics of users, Network Access Control provides access to certain segments of an organization's network. In this way, users are grouped at the network layer and thus further controlled access to applications and data.

Product: Clearpass; Extreme NAC


Today, the Next Generation firewall can do much more than just stateful packet filtering. In order to effectively use all these functionalities as part of an organization's various security controls, we have developed a service model.

Product: Fortigate; Azure


A Web Application Firewall protects web applications and APIs against the OWASP top 10 threats, DDOS, and BOT attacks. To effectively use this functionality as part of an organization's various security controls, we have developed a service model.

Product: Fortiweb; Azure


Our basis consists of providing good and independent advice. What is important here is that we are autonomous, curious and eager to learn about the customer's business processes and are transparent in our communication with the customer.

If you want to know more about our Network Security services, please contact Paolo Carra senior consultant in the field of Network Security.


Improve your security position with our services

The basis of our services starts with Interest and Deepening in your organization. This is the only way your organization can be properly protected.

Cyber Blue

Monitor critical assets against external and internal attacks 24/7 with knowledge of business processes and attack strategies.

Cyber Red

Validate security measures regularly with penetration tests based on Black box, Grey box and Crystal box methodologies.


Manage the digital identities and access levels of employees, partners, and suppliers, minimize risks and promote productivity.

User Awareness

Raise employee awareness through regular information campaigns, resulting in permanent behavioral change.


Manage your security position based on risks, standards and measures. Advise on regulations and internal and external audits.