Keeping a company’s key business assets secure is becoming harder and harder, because of more intelligent threat actors ever. ‘Next-gen’ firewalls and network solutions certainly are doing their job well. They alert and block on attempts which are coming in and out of the network, while  a security team responds to the source of this traffic.

The main issue however, that IT security teams need to combat, isn’t about external attackers or internal rouge actors, but it is formed by the employees, using their devices and doing their jobs. Malware and ransomware, phishing attempts and lack of awareness create a massive hole through all the existing solutions, making them useless.

Tick box

Securing an endpoint has become a ‘tick box’ task, putting an anti-virus solution on user’s devices just to satisfy policy. A lot of solutions however cannot defend themselves against new and emerging threats. This approach does not stop users from unintentionally causing harm to their devices. Smaller issues like PUA/PUP (Potential Unwanted Apps/Programs) can even increase without the proper configurations and tooling.

Next generation anti-virus

New technology in endpoint protection has caused these issues. Full active micro-virtualisation of common programs with tools such as Bromium,  comfort IT security that users can do what they want without the risk of being compromised. Next-gen anti-virus products like Carbon Black Defense and Endpoint Forensics and Monitoring can help solving this problem. The age of traditional anti-virus solutions is far behind us and businesses have to think seriously about investing and securing their users at the device level and not just at the perimeter.

Endpoint devices are the most used, most adaptable and most changed devices in a corporate network. Their accessibility makes them a perfect target for attackers to steal data and credentials and to move around a network. Sealing and protecting this easy point of entry is a big step in the right direction to secure a network and it increases the maturity of a business IT security.

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