The accompanying photo with this blog about IAM is no coincidence. A person who takes another person’s hand. Sometimes the key to success is that simple! A good IAM project is constantly in contact with its environment. IAM is often managed by the IT department of an organisation. In itself, there is nothing wrong with that, but often too much stays there.

And IT has a slightly different opinion and view on the world than HR. Security, Compliance and Risk officers also look at reality in a different way than their colleagues.

Then the utility and the need of an IAM project did not even reach the branches that are primary in the production process of an organisation. The key is: collaboration!… and operate structured. Not somewhere in the middle of a project, but from the beginning on.

Manage sessions with important stakeholders and find out what interests there are. What different colleagues from different departments think is important. Create a widely supported project and keep communicating, constantly.