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Navaio stands beside you. Together, we get an insight into your IT Security landscape and we help you by zooming in on the critical points. We help with matters that are urgent, so they are not forgotten and end up as data breaches. Working environment needs to be simple and safe.. We create insights and awareness in different ways, so your company processes will not be in danger. Have you secured your data correctly?

Security Operations Center & Siem

A Security Operations Center (SOC) provides support to achieve information security. A SOC monitors and detects security incidents and tries to mitigate the risks. For example, a warning in a suspicious situation. Navaio helps organizations to filter the right information from the right sources . A Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) platform simplifies investigations.

SIEM ensures real time analyses of security notifications. These notifications are taken out of several network components, operating systems, and applications, or out of a any system that is connected to the network. The trick is to filter the noise made by ‘false positives’ . That is when you can take action on the relevant security information.

Navaio firstly defines all relevant scenarios. Based on this, we advise on SIEM tooling which suits your organizational needs the most. After we have come to an agreement, we will start implementing the SIEM solution within the organization.

Penetration Testing

In a penetration test, ethical hackers try to mimic the actions a malicious actor would take. They try to gain access to the IT-environment through various techniques. The goal is to uncover any flaws or weaknesses within the infrastructure.

The key difference between normal and ethical hackers is the fact that ethical hackers immediately share the their findings. This gives you the opportunity to correct and fix any flaws or weaknesses that were discovered.

A penetration test gives insight into important information. If you know where to find a potential weakness, then you can solve it in time. These kind of tests always produce results that lead to improvements which make your organization more safe. In the end, they also reduce risks for the future.

And even if you think you did a great job, there will always be weaknesses found in your IT security landscape.

After the penetration test you will receive a final report with all the findings. With this information you are able to make your IT security landscape more secure. Within a blink of an eye you will find out where your critical problems are based. These recommendations give you the path to solving them.

Vulnerability Management

Navaio also applies vulnerability management to continuously detect weaknesses in IT systems. A hacker only needs to find one weakness to enter a network, while new bugs are being found daily. Besides, one-sided solutions such as patch management, antivirus software and firewalls are not enough to prevent cyber-attacks.

We help organizations with vulnerability management. It is a combination of continuous scanning and adjusting the management process. We point out the major risks that stem from incorrect configurations, outdated software, external applications. These are excellent gateways for hackers. Vulnerability management tries to protect entire networks while continuously minimizing the risks.

The importance of a pen test

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