In 2018, nearly 21,000 data leaks were reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP). The number of reports has more than doubled compared to the year before. If you think your company is also at risk, you can quickly and easily map the risks of data leaks using the checklist below.

Checklist cyber security
  1. How sensitive is the information in your company?
  2. How does your organization carry out risk assessments for cyber security?
  3. How does your company apply cyber security management?
  4. Does your organization have a cyber security team or at least a cyber security officer?
  5. How does your company deal with cyber security risks associated with suppliers who have access to sensitive information from your company?

If you do not have a suitable answer to most of the above questions, Navaio can help you to identify vulnerabilities and threats for your organization through user awareness, in order to control and limit the risks.

Navaio has a game which increases awareness in the field of IT security and thereby helps prevent data leaks.

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