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Is your organization aware of who has access to what sensitive data and systems? Unfortunately, this is not the case in many sectors. Due to the flexible deployment in healthcare, for example, it is often unclear who has access to which data.

Providing correct access to systems also often proceeds at a slow pace, causing new employees to experience delays in their integration process. Navaio provides the right IAM solution and a sustainable business implementation, so that these situations no longer occur. Navaio has expertise in Identity & Access management (IAM). This exists of:

  • Identity Governance & Administration | IGA
  • Authentication and Authorization Management
  • Privileged Account Management | PAM
Identity en Access Management (IAM) vingerafdruk voor beveiliging

Identity Governance & Administration

Identity Governance & Administration is all about Identity Management. Identity changes are immediately processed in the systems. Attention is also paid here to Authorization Management (RBAC / ABAC) and Governance (Access Reviews, Certifications).

Our Access Insight scan has been specially developed to gain more insight into the authorizations at your organization.

Authentication Management

Authentication Management is about the way someone logs in to applications and systems. The crucial question here is: is the right person logging in? We want to make sure that the right person can access the right data.

Single Sign On solutions (SSO) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) are crucial in Authentication Management.

Privileged Account Management

PAM mainly focuses on high privilege accounts. Think of admin and system accounts. Misuse of this can have serious and adverse consequences.

Some of the techniques used within PAM are Password/Credential vaulting, privileged session recording and management, and granular control for highly privileged system access.

IT Security door

IAM-implementations: A matter of experience

More than 70% of Identity & Access Management implementations fail. It often fails to meet the expectations of the organization. This is often because the implementation was supervised by a person with too little knowledge and experience in that area. This wastes both time and resources that could utilized better.

The security of data is better guaranteed when Identity & Access Management is applied properly. That saves you a lot of time and headaches.

Navaio has already done dozens of implementations at top companies in the Netherlands. Our employees have different profiles, but what connects them is the knowledge and experience of IAM. By working together in self-managing teams, the end result is of higher quality. Are you curious about how we approach an IAM implementation? Or do you want to discuss with us on this subject without obligation? Please contact us if you want to receive more information.


Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) offers additional functionalities in addition to the standard Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems. It will be used In addition, IGA can help organizations to comply with audit & compliance policies and guidelines and offers the possibility for detailed compliance reports, attestations and (re-) certification campaigns.

Navaio provides a Full service of Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) Cloud solution for companies that want to be in control and compliant in the field of identities and access management. Read more about our Identity Governance & Administration Cloud solution and what our solution can mean for your organization here.

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