Healthcare is changing rapidly. This ensures that IT Security is also becoming increasingly important. Navaio has been a sustainable partner for healthcare institutions and hospitals for many years

Healthcare organizations are a favorable target for malicious parties. Healthcare institutions and hospitals are 24/7 organizations, where business continuity and availability of the core business processes have a high importance. In addition, healthcare has the essential responsibility to provide confidentiality and integrity to the client-specific data.

Because the primary focus on health care and a strong innovation agenda that can lead to weak IT security. IT Security is becoming an increasingly important part of the operation. Affordable security services is a necessity.

What our clients say

“Navaio’s IT Security specialists are proactive and work as a team. A very pleasant organization to work with.”
Astrid Rosendahl, Data Protection Officer GGD
“In Navaio we have found an IT Security party with a high level of knowledge and an accessible character, which relieves us. And that gives me a very reassuring feeling.”
Yoanette den Boer, Strategisch adviseur RvB Amstelring

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