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What we do

You want to be sustainably compliant. Protect your crown jewels and have current insight into the resilience of your organization.

Navaio IT Security helps you make the right choices. Implement and secure these choices to achieve the goals. Together we shape your IT security landscape.

Our team of IT specialists can assist in the entire process. Ranging from general advice and security assessments. And to help in implementation to control. We are vendor agnostic and our practical approach leads to successful and cost-efficient solutions.

About us

We believe that organizations must be resilient to unwanted external actors. A threat actor puts your business continuity under pressure in an instant. Or one opened email immediately causes a data breach.

We love technology, as well as people and project management. We love the combination even more. Our team consists of 30 IT specialists, which gives you a direct contact with the team that helps your organization.

We are driven to develop intelligent security solutions together with our customers. We do this as an independent party. With self-managing teams in which our multi-disciplinary specialists ensure that you can simply do your own work.

Navaio IT Security is a Haarlem-based IT Security company that was founded in 2017 from the project and interim agency Stolwijk & Eichhorn. This is where the foundation was laid for strong project management, which is part of Navaio’s DNA.

We take our name from the Navajo code language. This is the language of an Indian tribe of the same name. The Navajo language was used by the Allies as the basis for a code language used to encrypt messages. Navajo has been proven to be uncrackable to this day

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We are always looking for new talent.

Working at Navaio means working in one of the self-managing core teams. Together we take steps to bring Navaio forward. Everyone provides input on the course of the company, based on the knowledge they bring. If you want to be more than a small cog in a big machine, then we are looking for you. Do you have the right drive and mindset?

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