Identity en Access Management (IAM) vingerafdruk voor beveiliging

Identity Governance & Administration solution

Who in the organization has access to what information? This is the most important question for organizations that want to be in control and compliant when it comes to identities and access management. We add the question “when?” Within our full service Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) Cloud solution.

IGA is one of the most important pillars in the fight against data leaks and theft of personal data. In addition, it also saves time and money due to the automated processes. Moreover, it ensures that you are well prepared for audits.

The standard Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems regulate matters such as automating workflows, for example for approving access to systems, applications and data. IGA offers extra functionalities, it provides detailed compliance reports, attestation and (re) certification campaigns . In addition, IGA can help your organization to comply with audit & compliance policies and regulations.

In short, Navaio helps you with IGA so you can make informed choices to effectively reduce identity-related access risks.

IGA benefits

Identity Governance & Administration has many advantages. A modern IGA solution:

  • Is reliable and compliant, with extensive dashboards and solid processes.
  • Is fully transparent about risks and allows you to take timely action.
  • Ensures you perform every audit with confidence, without massive manual effort.
  • Keeps business in the lead through automated processes.
  • Control costs and improve flexibility with a configuration solution without custom code.

This way you can say yes to the question of who, when and why has access to certain information.

Are you curious how we can help your organization? Then contact us. Our experts are there for you, so that you too are in control and compliant with regard to identities and access management.

Webinar Ransomware

IGA webinar: Watch it now

Especially for healthcare institutions and hospitals, we organized the webinar together with Omada: Identities in healthcare. Can your healthcare workers only access the patient data that applies to them? And do you dare to answer YES to the question: do you know which employees can access which data at what time? Watch this webinar now so you know:

  • What specific challenges in the field of IAM and IGA the healthcare sector is facing;
  • How a modern IGA solution works and which problems are solved;
  • How other healthcare institutions and hospitals have set up their IGA.

Watch the webinar here and prevent a data leak at your organization.

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