Who can access which data?

We use more and more data these days. Data that we would like to treat with care. But do you know which employee has which role? And which data they have access too? Not many people dare to answer that question wholeheartedly with “yes”.

A data breach can unfortunately arise quickly. An employee makes a small mistake or your processes are not completely in order. Neglecting your security and authorization management is risky. Cyber criminals also know this.

With our in-house developed Access Insight scan, Navaio helps you gain more insight into the access roles of your employees. So that you can answer the question wholeheartedly with ‘yes’.

Access Insight

Access Insight: How does it work?

Access Insight provides insight into the access roles that employees have in certain systems or applications. These roles are also referred to as groups, rights, profiles or authorizations. Access Insight consists of a scan that relates the data of employees, accounts and roles. With the result you will gain more insight into your authorization management.

The data analysis makes it possible to obtain an overview per department of employees and their access roles in various systems. This way you can see at a glance whether your employees can access the correct data.

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Insight is Essential

Securing the data and privacy of customers or clients is a spearhead for many organizations. The customer is king and protecting privacy is an asset. Nevertheless, things can go wrong, due to human error or by malicious parties from outside in combination with incorrect authorizations for employees. In most cases, the consequences are major:

  • Company information is stolen;
  • Data is incorrectly changed;
  • The customer or client relationship deteriorates;
  • A fine from the Dutch Data Protection Authority;
  • Image damage.

Access Insight helps detect wrong accesses, so that they can be quickly corrected. It also provides a good basis for improving the access structure. This way you prevent mistakes in the future.

Stunning results

After the Access Insight scan you can immediately start improving your access structure. Due to the clear reporting with roles, rights and authorizations per employee and department, the pain points are immediately clear.

Access Insight gives you:

  • Overviews with suspicious authorizations that may need to be revoked;
  • A handle to handle an authorization cleaning or restructuring (such as RBAC);
  • Check on the withdrawal of authorizations when employees leave the service. Our expert explains the report in an oral conversation and also advises on any follow-up steps to be taken as a result of this process.

Became curious? Or would you like to talk to our expert in the field of authorization management without obligation? Which can. Contact us and we will be happy to show you what Access Insight can do for your organization.

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Gain more insight into the access roles of your employees