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Navaio is not only an expert in the implementation of Identity and Access Management but also permeates the entire organisation of the importance of IAM. IAM reduces the risk profile and optimises the costs of organisations.

Navaio first analyses together with organisations their current situation and vision on IAM. We advise the best solution and focus all systems and processes. We use IAM and Data Governance tooling, which best fits the vision and demand. By involving all layers of the organisation in the implementation, everyone is aware of the importance of IAM. This creates support and accelerates the turnaround time for IT Security projects.

Identity en Access Management (IAM) vingerafdruk voor beveiliging
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Identity and Access Management | IAM

Identity & Access Management IAM is crucial in fraud prevention and minimising security risks. It is often unclear who has access to which systems and data. Controlling access to systems is often slow and cumbersome.

The security of data is much better secured when IAM is applied. IAM optimises work processes and minimises risks. Navaio takes its customers off the entire IAM process.

We have – in addition to IAM – expertise in the field of:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication | MFA
  • Single Sign-On solutions | SSO
  • Privileged Account Management | PAM
  • Data Governance

Navaio likes to work with its partners Sailpoint, OneIdentity, Ping and CyberArc.


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