IAM-implementations: a matter of experience

More than 70% of the Identity & Access Management implementations are failing. They do not meet the organizations expectations. Often this is because the implementation has been guided by a person with too little knowledge and experience in that area. It can quickly become a bad investment of time and costs.

The safety of data will be better guaranteed when IAM is implemented correctly. Navaio takes the entire IAM process out of your hands. It saves you lots of time and headaches.

Navaio has done many implementations at the top companies in the Netherlands. Our staff members have very diverse profiles, but what connects them is their expert knowledge and experience of IAM. By working together in self-steering teams, the quality is reflected in the final outcome… This results in a successful IAM implementation.

Identity en Access Management (IAM) vingerafdruk voor beveiliging
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Identity & Access Management | IAM

How in control are you within your company to understand which person has access to which systems and data?? With the increasing number of flexible workers in many sectors, for example within the health care, it is causing problems.

Onboarding and similar operational activities are often slow and error prone which creates a delay that prevents new employees from getting their jobs done. Navaio takes care of you by providing the right IAM solution that is sustainable for your business

Navaio has expertise in the following areas:

  • Identity & Access Management, IAM

  • Single Sign On solutions, SSO

  • Privileged Account Management, PAM

  • Data Governance

  • Multi Factor Authentication, MFA

  • Identity Governance & Administration, IGA

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