IAM implementation: a matter of experience

The security of data is much better secured when Identity & Access Management is applied. Identity & Access Management optimises work processes and minimises risks. Navaio takes its customers off the entire Identity and Access Management process. That saves you a lot of time and headache.

Did you know that more than 70% of Identity & Access Management implementations fail and do not deliver what an organization expected from it? This is often because the implementation is supervised by a person with too little knowledge and experience in that area. That is a waste of invested time and costs.

Navaio however, is not only an expert in the implementation of Identity & Access Management, but also permeates the entire organisation of the importance of Identity & Access Management. It thus reduces the risk profile and optimises the costs of organisations.

Navaio is namely characterized by a flat structure where the partners and seniors are not only busy with managing and organizing a company, but especially with actually helping their customers. Our employees have a lot of experience and feature various profiles. This results in customers who are satisfied with the Identity & Access Management implementations and the results achieved. Therefore Navaio uses only Best in Class Identity & Access Management solutions for the IAM implementation at its customers.

Identity en Access Management (IAM) vingerafdruk voor beveiliging
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Identity & Access Management | IAM

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is crucial in fraud prevention and minimising security risks. It is often unclear which person in a company has access to which systems and data. Controlling access to systems is often slow and cumbersome.

Navaio has – in addition to Identity and Access Management – expertise in the field of:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication | MFA
  • Single Sign-On solutions | SSO
  • Privileged Account Management | PAM
  • Data Governance

Navaio likes to work with its partners Sailpoint, OneIdentity, Ping and CyberArc.


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