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Information security remains human work, despite all of the technical measures. You can try to protect all of your systems for 100% of the time however, in the end you are still limited by the behavior of your employees.

Employees who lack the awareness of potential risks, often exhibit unwanted behavior from an earlier stage. For example, many employees do not know what actions to take when they receive a phishing mail. The consequence is that patient records could end up on the streets.

Navaio helps organizations to reach the desired information security awareness. We offer different opportunities to increase the level of user security awareness within your organization.

Depending on the goals of your organization, we zoom in on subjects within the IT-landscape in a playful, efficient or competitive manner. Topics can range from:

  • Information security
  • Safely working from home
  • Social engineering
  • The characteristics and dangers of phishing
  • GDPR
  • Privacy sensitive (client)data

User Awareness
User Awareness

Navaio User Awareness Game

One of the opportunities is our Navaio User Awareness Game. This game uses a learning platform with self-learning algorithms, gaming principles, scientific insights, and data analysis. In this way the game ensures an optimal and personalized learning solution for every participant. The knowledge will then be anchored in your brain.

The game can be played via an easily downloadable app. Your employees can play the game wherever and whenever they want. Every game only takes two minutes of your time. Because of the artificial intelligence in the app, the game invites you to keep on playing. That is how the knowledge will be permanently engraved in your brain.

Cost efficient Awareness Game

The Navaio User Awareness Game is an ideal way to retrain employees in a fun and cost-efficient way. No boring and long days of courses where you can’t measure the end result and the new knowledge soon disappears to the background. This game directly gives insight into the performance of every group/player via a live dashboard. That is how you keep the knowledge level of your organization up to the same standard. You accomplish real and visible result.

Do you want to know more about the Navaio IT security awareness game? Send an email to We are happy to give a demo or provide you with more information.

User Awareness Game
User Awareness best practices


Within User Security Awareness the change of mindset plays a crucial role. Investing in the technical parts is a good start, but the cause of a data breach or other IT security incident is often caused by a human.

It pays off to change the behavior of your employees. But how do you do it? We are handling the following starting points:

2. A good example makes people follow. Search for ambassadors/trendsetters within the organization who embrace and propagate the desired change.

3. Changing behavior does not happen alone. Only together you can make things happen. All stakeholders in and outside the organization must be involved in the User Security Awareness process. Administrative involvement and support of management are indispensable.

4. Change does not happen by itself, it is a continuous process. Awareness is the start. Retention of the new behavior must be the result. We are coaching this on the job.

5. Different ways of communication are necessary changes that must be remain permanently. Creativity is the key to success.

Consciousness: more important than ever now

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