Security isn’t a game

Despite all technical measures, information security remains a human activity. Systems must be properly secured, but you are dependent on the behavior and action of your employees.

Employees who are not sufficiently aware of potential risks are more likely to exhibit undesirable behavior. For example, many employees do not know how to act in the event of a phishing email, and as a result, sensitive data can be made public.

Navaio helps organizations achieve their desired information security awareness level with our Secure Awareness program. We offer various options to increase the level of user security awareness in your organization. Possibilities like a phishing simulation, voice phishing, our own Safe & Aware IT Security game.

Navaio method

In User Security Awareness, the change in mindset of the target group plays an important role. Investing in the technical part of your IT landscape is a good start, but the cause of a data breach or other IT Security incident often lies with the person themselves. How do you change the mindset of your employees? How do you ensure that they are subconsciously proficient in Security Awareness?

With the Safely Aware program we offer a suitable solution. Employees are trained and therefore stimulated for a longer period of time in various ways. This ensures that they can unconsciously recognize situations involving phishing.

Are you curious how we can help your organization? Or would you like to discuss this topic with our Security Awareness expert?

Questions about our approach?

Do you have questions about our approach? Or are you curious how we can help your organization with our unique method?

One of our security awareness specialists will be happy to help you on your way without any obligation.

Safe & Aware Game

One of the tools we use to make your employees more ‘aware’ is our Safe & Aware Security Game. Various topics are discussed in this self-developed game. Think about:

  • Information Security;
  • Working from home safely;
  • Social Engineering;
  • The dangers of phishing;
  • GDPR.

Your employees train at their own level and pace. Because they train over a longer period of time, they absorb the substance better. The knowledge is anchored in the brain.

The game itself consists of an easy-to-download app. This allows your employees to play it wherever and whenever they want. Do you want to know more about our Safe & Aware Game? Then click here. When do you play a game?

Phishing simulation

Will your employees successfully notice a phishing simulation? Our experience shows that on average 20% of all participants in a phishing simulation press on a link or leave behind their company data. A much too high score, when you consider that one click can be too much.

A phishing simulation is part of our Safety Aware program. It is very good to use as a 0 measurement. How ‘aware’ are your employees? Many organizations actually have no idea.

A phishing simulation is extremely suitable to estimate the awareness level of your employees. How many of your employees leave their login details when an email comes in that they have to register themselves for the staff party?

Slaagt jouw bedrijf voor een phishing simulatie

Webinar Security Awareness

Security Awareness will be the focal point for 2022. How do you ensure that your colleagues and employees reach the right information security awareness level?

To keep yourself and your colleagues sharp on cyber threats and possible data leaks, it is important to receive continuous incentives. A one-off e-learning module is simply not enough.

It is not a question of whether you will be attacked, but when. Make sure your organization is ready. Train your employees and prevent a data breach.

Phishing: Can test campaigns benefit your business?

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