Managed Detection & Response: Why?

Do you know what is happening within your IT infrastructure? Can you state with 100% certainty that you are not currently hacked? Do you miss this insight and do you want to be sure that a report gets the attention and expertise it needs?

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) actively monitors IT infrastructures for suspicious activities. In case of suspicious activity, our experts take immediate action. Navaio helps you with MDR and ensures the correct handling of security incidents. This way you can focus on your core tasks.

Do you not have your own Security Operations Center (SOC) for financial or organizational reasons? Then Navaio’s Managed Detection & Response is a good alternative. We are happy to help you with our specialized security knowledge.

Managed Detection & Response: How does it work?

Navaio offers a fully-fledged Managed Detection & Response. With our MDR solution we look much further than incorrect login attempts. Our analysts look for the correlation in suspicious activities of the various components from your entire IT landscape. In doing so, they take the business interests and risks as a starting point during the analysis and follow-up.

Navaio’s SOC monitors your IT environment. From the network layer to your critical business applications. We intervene if suspicious activities are detected. Our team of analysts is made up of experts in the field of information security. They work with this material on a daily basis and actively share their experiences, so that your organization is even better prepared against external threats.

De opdracht?
Detectie & Response


An MDR quickly searches for suspicious activity and issues a notification to take action. On average, it takes 200 days to detect a hack. With MDR you can drastically reduce this time to hours, if not shorter.

Are you curious about how we can better protect your organization? Or would you like to zoom in on the possible results in a conversation with one of our experts? Please contact us.

Webinar: Managed Detection & Response

Do you know whether a hacker has already entered your organization? And how long has this person had access to your network from outside? Undoubtedly, you do not immediately have an answer to these questions. We are happy to help you with this process. On February 17, we will give a webinar about Managed Detection & Response in collaboration with  NetWitness, This webinar called ‘detect a hacker within minutes’ will help you to secure your data even better.

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