Limit risks

Preventing all possible disruptions and hacks is a utopia due to your limited resources. Every organization has to deal with this. To limit the greatest risks as much as possible, you should try to use your limited resources as efficiently as possible. As an organization, this is of course your goal.

But how do you provide insight into where you can best use your time and resources? And what steps will you take first to achieve this goal? Navaio helps you with our Information Security Risk Assessment. This ensures that you use your resources as effectively as possible.

Risk Assessment: Wat is het
Wat is het

Information Security Risk Assessment: What is it?

Today, every organization has to carry out some form of risk assessment. As an organization, you want to limit the maximum possible number of risks, so that your data and crown jewels remain safe from cyber criminals.

Our Information Security Risk Assessment (ISRA) provides your organization with a structured insight into the status of the most important information security risks. The ISRA is not an audit with a yes or no answer. Our assessment shows which existing security risks exist within your organization. In addition, it provides insight into whether there are sufficient processes and procedures to prevent risks.

Use your resources efficiently

No organization has unlimited resources. Time and money are scarce. That is why you must focus your resources on the greatest possible risks.

But how do you score risks? Which risk outweighs another risk? Our Information Security Risk Assessment provides the answers.

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Free advice

Navaio provides a customized service. Our Information Security Risk Assessment is based on ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. Our information security risk assessment (ISRA) is carried out through concrete steps and within a few weeks. The result of this will make a valuable contribution to the information security policy of your organization in the coming years.

Are you curious how we can help your organization? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you on your way to increasing the maturity level of your organization. Would you first like to read more about our Information Security Risk Assessment? Download the white paper ‘minimizing information security risks’ below.

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