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Cyber resilience is about making your entire IT landscape robust. A look from an experienced IT Security company is worth gold. Navaio is an IT Security partner that stands next to you. Together we look at your IT Security landscape while focusing on the critical points. Our cybersecurity consultants can help you at any moment and any time.

What is necessary to tackle first, so that no data leaks occur? We create insight and awareness in various ways, so that your business processes are not endangered. We always work in teams with different specialisms. This way you always have the best people, up-to-date knowledge and our project-based approach. This ensures a successful and cost-efficient solution that increases your posture in IT security.

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SOC: Consultancy & Management

IT Security is a profession. We understand that and we are happy to help organizations take a step further. Do you need an IT-Security consultant who can take your organization’s IT-Security to a higher level? Do you urgently need an extra cybersecurity specialist in your SOC? Or are you curious how your SOC can operate more efficiently and effectively? Then we are happy to help.

Navaio has IT Security specialists with diverse profiles. We help in various enterprise grade SOC’s, but we are also active in municipalities, healthcare organizations and utility companies. Do you need the knowledge and experience of our IT Security specialist’s? Or do you quickly need extra capacity for incident response? Please contact us.

Managed Detection & Response solution

Do you know what is happening on your IT infrastructure? Can you state with 100% certainty that you are not currently compromised? Probably not. Still, you don’t want to give malicious actors a chance.

On average, it takes 200 days to discover a hack. With Managed Detection & Response (MDR) you often know within a few hours whether your security controls have been by passed. Often even faster.

Would you like to know more about our Managed Detection & Response solution? Then click here.

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Your organization must have appropriate security controls . You want to protect your data and crown jewels well. How well is that going ? Navaio gives you accelerated insight into areas of improvement with assessments and scans that we have developed ourselves.

No matter how secure you think you may be, you can always assume that there will vulnerabilities and flaws within your security landscape. A penetration test is one of the assessments to reveal these leaks. By having visibility into existing vulnerabilities and missing controls, you are given enough time to patch and secure your infrastructure before malicious actors can cause harm. Do you want to know more about penetration testing? Request the white paper ‘The importance of a pen test‘ below.

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Good preparation is essential for a hacker. Public information is accessible to everyone. Open source intelligence is available to both the defenders but also the malicious actors. You may be surprised how much information is available on public domains. OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) is one of the tools that hackers use to collect public information.

With our OSINT assessment, we put ourselves in the shoes of an attacker. What information is floating about your organization over the internet? If you know which information is publicly accessible to malicious parties, you can limit possible damage or take this into account. Read our blog ‘OSINT: How does it work?’ for more information about OSINT. Would you like to get in touch with our expert in the field of OSINT without any obligation? Please contact us.

Phishing: Can test campaigns benefit your business?

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