Everyone knows the quadrant, from unconsciously incompetent to unconsciously competent. We prefer to be unconsciously competent. That is also the big wish of many organisations when it comes to cyber ​​security. It is no news, the weakest link in this rapidly changing world of cyber ​​security is still human. For cyber criminals, the ‘subconsciously unqualified’, the weak brothers at the bottom left of the quadrant, are the easiest prey. They are not aware of any danger, let alone arm themselves against it. More vulnerable is almost impossible. The question is: how are we going to change this? Navaio takes up the challenge. Awareness through gamification.


You probably know those road signs: crossing wildlife. Everyone knows about their existence, you notice them, but you don’t really adjust your driving behavior to it. Once I was on my way to Zandvoort, straight through the dunes in the dark, and I passed such a sign again. At first nothing happened, because I had passed that sign already a dozen of times. I drove through the bend, but a little further  my attention was caught by a large deer and a wild boar on the roadside. I was shocked, braked, but after a few moments I saw that the game was not a living game, but a life-size duplicate. My attention was immediately drawn, but apparently I had to be confronted with this first, before I acted differently.

Unfortunately it happens almost every day that we get into trouble because of a lack of consciousness. Facebook employees who store unprotected passwords, millions of social security numbers that ended up on the streets in India or the name and address details that came into the hands of a third person through a wrong link at the Holiday auctions site.

At Navaio we want to think one step ahead. Not being struck by a harmful phishing e-mail or being confronted with passwords that have been leaked. No, we want to create awareness at the front, so that you can act accordingly. You teach a child that he has to wait for a red traffic light until it turns green, because otherwise a dangerous situation can arise. A football coach teaches his team through tactics how to play against a certain opponent. First you learn, then you act accordingly. You create awareness. We bring that awareness through gamification. Through our database with specific content in the field of information security that we can easily load into an app, we educate employees in a playful manner. This will ultimately lead to better awareness.


The Navaio Game is easy to adopt and you can start playing just by pressing a button. We discuss the objectives with each other in advance, coordinate the desired topics and we ensure that the relevant questions from our database reach the desired target group. The game has been specially developed to offer you as an individual the best possible learning solution. Because artificial intelligence is widely used, the app really gets to know you as a player. You receive push notifications at times when you often play and questions keep coming back until you know the answer by heart. Through the built-in management dashboard we can monitor progress very clearly, we see that knowledge is increasing and also retained.

Learn playfully

Although you can technically have everything in order as a company, if employees don’t know how to deal with it, you are still very vulnerable. That is why we opt for a game with a personal aim, focused on individual learning needs. And who doesn’t think it’s cool to learn in a playful way, to become more skilled and more aware ? Awareness is on top of the list of many companies, but there has to be focus and guidance.
We can help you with this. Do you want to know more about the Navaio Game? Send an e-mail to info@navaio.com or call 023 5344496.