Navaio has developed an app that ensures that your employees become aware of their own role in IT Security. IT Security only works when employees deal with information in a secure way. Sometimes it is just about small things.

Knowingo App

Navaio uses the Knowingo app  to increase knowledge about IT Security. The app works intuitively and employees think it is meaningful and fun to do. This app provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation. This way you can take action quickly. You will get a good insight of the current situation in the management console, including points for improvement and improvement actions.

Social Engineering

Navaio ensures that employees become familiar with the concept of Social Engineering and what the effect can be. Navaio emphasises this form of hacking in practical workshops or unannounced actions. Hackers leave no stone unturned to achieve their goals. In addition to attacking data through IT systems, they increasingly use valuable information about your organization via Social Engineering. This is often very simple. Information is released via telephone, post, e-mail or even face-to-face.


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