User Security Awareness Game

Despite all technical measures, information security remains a matter of people. As an organization you depend on the behavior of your employees. Employees who are not sufficiently aware of potential risks will be more inclined to exhibit undesirable behavior. Employees with a high level of awareness will avoid risks and contribute constructively to improvement actions. Navaio helps organizations to achieve the desired information security awareness and offers various possibilities to increase the level of awareness.

Navaio offers a game that increases your awareness in the field of IT security. Depending on the target and the target group of the client, we can impart all kinds of subjects within the IT landscape in a fun, efficient and if desired competitive manner such as:

  • How to deal with sensitive information
  • Safe handling of your email
  • Safe use of social networks
  • The characteristics and dangers of phishing
User Awareness
User Awareness

Knowledge is anchored in your brain

The game uses a learning platform that, through self-learning algorithms, gaming principles, scientific insights and data analysis, ensures that every player gets an optimal and personalized learning solution to his or her disposal. Because it is an easy to download app, you can play the game whenever and wherever you want. Each game round takes about two minutes of your time. But through the artificial intelligence in the app, the game invites you to keep playing and that the knowledge from the game permanently anchors itself in your brain. Are you looking for a bigger challenge? Challenge your colleague in a direct battle! You surely want to win?

Amazing results

For companies, this game is an ideal way to train employees in a fun and cost-efficient way. No boring and long course days where the end result is difficult to measure and knowledge disappears into the background, but a game in which the live dashboard provides direct insight into the progress of each player and keeps the knowledge level of your organization up to standard. In this way you also achieve a visible result.

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User Awareness Game
User Awareness best practices

Best Practices

User Security Awareness is a process in which the change of mindset plays an important role for the target group. Investing in the technical part is a good start, but often the cause of a security breach is a user. It therefore pays to bring about a behavioral change for a user. In this transition we use the following five principles:

  1. What is the purpose of the transition? Which desirable behavioral change do we envisage?
  2. A good example does well. We are looking for trendsetters within an organization that really propagate the desired change.
  3. You do not just change, but together. All stakeholders within and outside the organization must be involved in the User Awareness process.
  4. Change does not happen automatically but takes place in successive phases in which awareness is the start and preservation must be the end result.
  5. One size does not fit all. Communication needs to be tailored to the different levels within an organization.

Navaio’s approach can be labeled as creative, data-driven, applicable for everyone and result-oriented.


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