You are woken up by a journalist from Radio 1. Whether you want to respond to the fact that your entire customer base is currently being offered through the dark net. “What do you think of this and did you already inform your customers?” You stammer quickly: “We are working on it,” while you rub the sleep out of your eyes and wonder what the hell is going on …

Keeping track of what is written about your company on the various networks is more than a day’s work. Through social media, your products and your service are assessed and before you know it, the (bad) news spreads all over the world, even before you are able to prepare your response to this.

How do you keep an eye on these thousands of channels and how can you arm yourself? Threat Intelligence can lend you a hand. Navaio offers a solution that allows you to be informed quickly if there is unwanted information or data about your company in the public domain. Near-real time we monitor hundreds of thousands of websites, fora and social media channels on the internet and we also check whether data from or about your company is (mis)used. We can check on various keywords and / or parameters; for example your company and brand names, names of people from your organization, server names, IP addresses, project names, your documents, etc.

Navaio offers an easily accessible portal that will alert you to suspicions of misuse or corporate data leakage. Naturally, Navaio is happy to help you implement various preventive and detective measures to prevent intrusion into your systems.